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YFM-P1-TC Auto tension control ironing and setting machine (4 or 6 lines)
Product Name:YFM-P1-TC Auto tension control ironing and setting machine (4 or 6 lines)
Product Detail: Production introduction:

The function of this machine is to iron dyed nylon long chain, metal tape or plastic tape to the flat form. 


Machine advantages:

1.     Using special tension control system to make the nylon long chain zipper and tape’s shrinkage rate up to 4-6, completely solve the problem of zipper shrinkage, and effectively remove excess oil on the tape which can control oil did not cause uneven dyeing or chromatic aberration of the tape, which greatly reduces the cost and time required for degreasing during dyeing.

2.     Using a special arc control system, and through the scientific arrangement of the arc wheel set which can freely adjusting the arc of the zipper tape, so that the flexibility of the device is greatly improved.

3.     Using the scientific air supply system, so that every part of the oven has hot air blowing, ensuring that the temperature of each position of the oven is uniform, and the fan is thermally cycled which can save 20~30% of electricity.

4.     Each line has independent tension control, which can produce different specifications in the same machine. 

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