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Mr Gipson tied his shoes so many times a day when the shoelace was loosen. He considered that shoelace was not convenient and was wondering whether there was a better solution to replace it or not. After more than two years of research, Mr Gipson finally invented zipper, he sewed the zipper on the shoes and he found that it was functioning well. Mr Gipson presented the zipper in the world exposition held in Chicago in 1893, so many people were interested in it for its novelty and special design. Mr Sandebao, who also had great interest in this new product, he thought that it would be very hot in the market, and he bought the invention patent.

Mr Sandebao started to design automatic zipper making machinery in order to reduce production cost and to make common people can use it. After 19 years of research day and night without stopping, he accomplished automatic zipper making machinery.However, nobody wanted to buy the zipper due to it was limited in shoes only.Later, one boss of garment company in Bruclin, he was very insterested in zipper, he considered that it was a great pity to use zippers only for shoes.As a boss of garment company, he firstly sewed zippers in the garment pockets in order to avoid that purse was stolen or missed. As soon as the clothing sewed with zipper in pocket appeared in the market, it caused a fever immediately and sooner he earned a lot of money.

In 1922, an American company had also earned a lot of money by selling jacket sewed with zipper, and they prescribed uniform and current names for zippers. In 1930, A frenchwoman, Ms Barthileley sewed zippers on the women night-suits, the market demade is excellent.Zippers exist anywhere now, on pencil pockets, garment, travelling sacks, and so on, we should thanks to Jussida effort.

Who is Jussida? He was the boss of the famous YKK. Japanese zippers were made by manual in that time , it costed a lot of time and labor , and the quality management was bad.Mr Jussida wanted to introduce fully automatic making machinery from USA. In spite of his superior insight, his family were opposed to his plan. At last, he persuaded his family to support him. After introducing the latest machinery from USA, then the quantity and quality improved greatly. Step by step his products occupied the market. Howerver, Mr Jussida was not satisfied and he researched by himself and made much better manufacturing machinery. Besides, he put a management idea that from material to product and sale all in the charge of his own company, which set up a whole set of management idea for Japanese industry. Moreover, after continuous improvement, it received perfect results in textile and aluminum metal alloy.

At the beginning, zippers were only used for shoes, at present, zippers are using beyond three hundred kinds of items.

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