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YFM-M30U Auto metal american type teeth making machine
Product Name:YFM-M30U Auto metal american type teeth making machine
Product Detail:

Name : YFM-M30U Auto metal American type chain making machine
Average Output :#3.5 220M/H #4 225M/H #5 230M/H
power :0.75KW
Voltage : 220/380V
Frequency :50/60HZ
Motor :3 PHASE
Description :The introduction of new product:
The function of this machine is to clip the metal brass and aluminum wire which have been shaped after being pressed into the tape of the metal zipper in order to have the function of metal zipper chain. It is applicable to different specifications of metal zippers, ranging from No.3 to No.10.
The advantages of this machine:
1. By adopting human-machine interface control, this machine can be operated easily.
2. If the machine stops in operation, the reasons will be shown on the screen. This is very useful for the operator to solve the problem in time so as to increase the productivity.
3. The length and the size of the gap can be set directly on the operator interface according to the need of the order. It is very convenient.
4. This machine is reformed from the American type chain making machine. It adopts high speed punching and die group designing. ABCE dies are all tungsten steel cutters which can be used for a very long time. For example, A die is needed to change after 120HR to 150HRwhich is much better than other chain making machines. It has contributed a lot to increased productivity and quality. Moreover, it just needs ten minutes
to change the dies, and it doesn’t require the operator to adjust the dies while changing them.

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