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YFM-30T Auto die casting machine (Multifunctional)
Product Name:YFM-30T Auto die casting machine (Multifunctional)
Product Detail:

Production introduction:

The function of this machine is to generate high pressure through the hydraulic action of the machine, close the mold, and then heat the zinc alloy raw material through the furnace to reach 410-430°C, then eject it at high pressure, quickly fill the molten zinc alloy into the mold, and pass the cold water after cooling the product in the mold, a zinc alloy product is formed.


Machine advantages:

1.      It adopts human-machine interface touch screen control, all parameters are easy to view, and adopts functions such as automatic mold adjustment, automatic oiling, and automatic front and back of the rack. If the machine has an alarm, it will be displayed on the screen, and the motor can be delayed to stop automatically. If the alarm occurs in a fully automatic state and the fault condition is not eliminated in time, the motor will automatically stop and the pressure will be automatically relieved, which can effective improve the life of the equipment. 

2.      Add auto calculation module design (die casting counting program), the customer can set the required order quantity according to the actual situation during the use process, it will be automatically calculated when machine start to die cast, once machine reach the die casting quantity and machine will be stopped and alarm. If you do not need to use this function, you can cancel the setting. 


3.      This machine has two pressure operation modes, one is constant pressure operation mode, and another mode is proportional pressure adjustment operation mode. You can switch between the two modes with one button. Small products can use constant pressure mode to achieve fast speed and large output. The product can be adjusted with proportional pressure to achieve high pressure and good quality. Choosing this multifunctional machine is equivalent to buy two types of machines.

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