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YFM-302T High Speed Nylon Sewing Machine(Direct Driving)
Product Name:YFM-302T High Speed Nylon Sewing Machine(Direct Driving)
Product Detail:

Name : YFM-302T Auto nylon high speed sewing machine(Direct Driving)
Average Output :250M/H
power :0.6KW
Voltage : 220V
Frequency :50/60HZ
Motor :1 Phase
Description :The introduction of new product:
The function of this machine is using top and bottom sewing thread to sew nylon long chain teeth on the zipper tape becomes nylon long chain zipper.

The advantages of this machine:
1.Easy to operate this machine and one operator can operate many machines, this machine can make stable quality long chain.
If the machine has no raw materials, it will stop automatically.
2.Use servo motor to drive this machine directly and you can set up the controller to change the motor speed, the maximum speed is 3200 rpm.
3.You can set up the order length quantity and can check the production quantity. The machine will be stopped when it reach the request order quantity.


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