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YFM-301SF Auto nylon spiral forming machine (Tension control feeding)
Product Name:YFM-301SF Auto nylon spiral forming machine (Tension control feeding)
Product Detail: Production introduction:

The function of this machine is to preform nylon monofilament becomes spiral shape to cover filler cord in the coil teeth and become nylon coil teeth. 


Machine advantages:

1.      Using double-lead system and the production capacity is double at the same speed, so the speed of this machine only needs to be 1000 rpm to reach the capacity of 2000 rpm of traditional machine. In the case of tooth pitch, the strength of folding and flat pulling is less difficult to deform than the sprocket produced by ordinary machine.

2.      Improved automatic feeding tension control system, which can use filler cord of more than 6kg and monofilament of more than 80kg, so that the monofilament can maintain a fixed tension and provide it to the machine. The specifications of the chain teeth are stable and do not fluctuate and the joints are reduced.

3.      Simple operation can effectively reduce labor costs and make stable quality. One person can watch multiple machines and improve production efficiency.

4.      The screws are using bearing positioning and variable pitch threads, which greatly increases the service life of the screw. Both the mold and the upper and lower sleeves are positioned with tip holes to facilitate disassembly. 

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