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YFM-109NCA-2 Auto ultrasonic double films welding machine by computer control
Product Name:YFM-109NCA-2 Auto ultrasonic double films welding machine by computer control
Product Detail:

Name : YFM-109NCA-2Auto ultrasonic double films welding machine by
Average Output :1200PCS/50CM/H
power :2.8KW
Voltage : 220V
Frequency :50/60HZ
Motor :1 PHASE
Description :The introduction of new product:
The function of this machine is automatically to feed film, cut and weld it on the open end side of long chain zipper which has been gapped and trimmed.

The advantages of this machine:
1.Using double feeding film system and it can punch a hole on the film in order to let film can get close to the teeth edge and the zipper tape after welding will be looking flat without arched phenomenon.
2.You can change the machine speed by HMI touch screen setting and it can enhance the efficiency of about 40% than traditional machine
3.By adopting human-machine interface control, this machine can be operated easily. If the machine stops suddenly in operation, the reasons will be shown on the screen which is very useful for the operator to deal with the problems. Moreover, you can find out the information such as what the problem was, and when the problem happened.


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